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Sydney: A very brief overview

This trip happened last year in November, almost one year ago. So this post is long overdue. Way overdue. We also went to Canberra after Sydney but I didn’t take many photos since the only notable thing we visited was the parliament. Below is a recount of our trip to Sydney. Enjoy!

I had wanted to go to Sydney ever since we came to Australia some eight years ago but one thing or another got in the way until finally, last year, we had the opportunity to go.

We drove from Melbourne to Sydney- approximately an eight hour trip. This was mainly because we wanted to see the Australian countryside. We hadn’t gone on any major trips before, so we wanted to make the most of this opportunity as possible.

We set off from our house around 5.30am, and arrived at our AirBnB around 2.30pm, stopping only for breakfast and to fuel up. When we got to the apartment we couldn’t get in straight away as the lady who was going to give us the keys was running late. It was no biggie though, as we used the opportunity to explore around and get some basic groceries.¬† We had booked an apartment near the city so that we wouldn’t have to drive in to the city as it would be a hassle to find parking which meant that our penthouse apartment had a nice view of the Sydney city skyline.

View from the balcony of our penthouse
Closer view of the city skyline from the penthouse

The next day we went to explore the Sydney. I had always wanted to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and in real life; they did not disappoint. I had wanted to climb the Harbour Bridge but my family didn’t want to so this time I passed, hoping to go another time. But since then, the contract for the climb had gone to another company so it’s not clear how things will change. And although I currently have no plans of going to Sydney in the near future, I’m still keen to climb so I’ll check it out whenever I do go again.

View of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Close up of the arch of the bridge

There was a lot of crowd near the Opera House. Lord was performing that afternoon, so there were tourists and concert goers. We went inside the opera house briefly, just to visit the gift shop and look around. I have to say, the outside is far more impressive than the inside. But the view from the Opera house, just next to the water with the bridge in the background is quite something.

Sydney Opera House

We were all a little tired walking around so we went to the Botanic garden to sit down a little and explore a bit before we headed home. It was a nice spring day and the bright colours of the flowers against the warmth of the sun was beautiful. Clearly other people had the same idea as there  were so many people lounging and soaking up the sun.

Botanic Gardens Sydney
Close up of the plats at Sydney botanic gardens

The next day, we decided to visit the Blue mountains. There, we visited the three sisters and a waterfall. For the non- Australians reading this, the Three Sisters is a rock formation formed by land erosion. There were a lot of visitors in both places which wasn’t surprising since the town was lovely.

Katoomba Falls near the Three Sisters
Three Sisters rock formation

We left for Canberra the day after. We really enjoyed our time in Sydney. Whilst we enjoyed our time staying near the city, the trip to see the three sisters made me want to spend more time in the outer suburbs, and even in the countryside. It’s definitely more quiet and the views are stunning. I’ll definitely be back!

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