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So you might have noticed that it’s been a while since I blogged. My offline world has been pretty busy this half-year so my online life had to take a back seat. I always planned on returning here though – and I kept my promise!

Since I don’t won’t to bore you with the details, I’ll just give give you snippets about what’s been happening in the last 6 months.

  • Firstly, and most importantly, I handed in my last assignment for my masters degree. Providing that I pass the assignment, I’ll be able to graduate end of July. This is what’s been taking up most of my time since I had to do a whole research project (including getting ethics approval, data analysis, report writing, and presenting my results in an oral presentation) within the span of one semester. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the process. It helped that my supervisor was really nice and helpful. I’ll probably write a whole separate post about the research and my findings later, since I found it interesting.
  • I started a new job! Even though the location is much closer to my home than before, they’re working 24hours so my shifts have been changing constantly. The change in shifts have been hard, and I prioritise hanging out with my family during the weekends  and in my free time than spending it online. It’s also a big company and it taken a little time to adjust. The culture is way different than it was at my previous, small company.

Those are really big things that have happened to me. They have swallowed my time for the last six months.

I have been keeping up with the blogs I follow, although I still have to return some comments. And I have exciting things for the future planned. I’m currently thinking of a way to combine my two passions together (public health and web design) and I have a half-baked idea in the works. Of course I’ll keep you guys updated!

As a finishing my degree present, I’ve ordered myself a graphics tablet to practice my photoshopping skills. Although I’m not artistic by any means, I want to try and make my own graphics for the designs I make. The learning curve will not be kind but I’m excited for the challenge. If anyone could point me in the direction of some online graphic design courses, that’d be great!

As always, I’ll be updating this blog whenever I get the chance, which hopefully means regularly. I still have to catch you guys up on the trips I went last year!



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  1. Kirsten

    December 8, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    It’s hard sometimes to keep posting when offline life gets busy. I am guilty of going months (even a year) without posting. I always tell myself I will post a bit later when things slow down, before I know it a month or two or more has gone by! It’s hard somes but it’s also great to look back years from now on old posts to see how you handled things and how you grow from year to year, sometimes even month to month.

    Congradulations on the new job, based on the date of your post I would say you have been in it a few months now. Hopefully it turned out to be all that you had hoped it would be! I just started a new job myself and know how good it can feel.

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