Small whispers

Category: Thoughts

This category is pretty much Self-explanatory. It’s things I that have affected me and/or thought about for a while that’s finally being penned.

The thing about me and fitness

Me and exercise have a tumultuous relationship. When I was at school, I used to hate physical education (P.E.). The inconvenience of having having to lug around an extra bag containing my P.E. clothes, and the even greater inconvenience of changing in the middle of the day, and then again, changing back. And the sweat? I’m really not a big fan. Plus I’m not good at it. I still remember the first P.E. lesson I had in Australia. We were going out bike riding. I was looking forward to it because I loved riding bikes, and hadn’t had a chance

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Thoughts on missing people

I used to not be able to cry in front of people. Even now and for whatever reason, I am only able cry in front of a handful of people. This rule though, doesn’t apply when I’m leaving Sri Lanka, or really when I go there. I still remember my extended family waiting for us on the porch, even though it’s 2am and even though they have to go to work in the morning. I am tired from the twelve plus hours of travelling but seeing them waiting on the porch fills my heart with so much happiness and love,

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