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In this category you’ll find posts about the trips and outings I go on.

An afternoon at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Last year, when I did night shift for around three months straight, I dragged my boyfriend with me to visit the Botanic Gardens on a Saturday afternoon. It was winter and I was sick of  going to bed before daylight and waking up after sun had set or just as the sun was setting. It was a sunny afternoon, surprising given that it was in the middle of winter. It was so so good to be in the daylight and feel the warmth of the sun. It was so good feel like I’m on the same bodyclock as the rest

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Sydney: A very brief overview

This trip happened last year in November, almost one year ago. So this post is long overdue. Way overdue. We also went to Canberra after Sydney but I didn’t take many photos since the only notable thing we visited was the parliament. Below is a recount of our trip to Sydney. Enjoy! I had wanted to go to Sydney ever since we came to Australia some eight years ago but one thing or another got in the way until finally, last year, we had the opportunity to go. We drove from Melbourne to Sydney- approximately an eight hour trip. This

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A day at Daylesford

I live on the cusp of Melbourne which means I’m close to the countryside so exploring country Victoria was always one of my list of things to do. Last weekend, we went to visit Daylesford which is around one a half hours from where I live. We arrived at Daylesford around midday and went to have lunch straight away. We found a American style diner at the town center. It was one of my first times having a beef burger so I I’m not wholly qualified to rate the place but my friend J said it was one of the

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Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2017

I’m not sure how long the Tulip festival has been happening but somewhere along the way it has become a quintessential thing to do in Melbourne. We went on the start of a long weekend- the Grand Final Parade day because we thought it wouldn’t be very crowded since the crowd would (potentially) be spread over three days. However, when we got there around 2pm, the car park was very crowded. The weather hadn’t been too bad throughout the day, a little cold but sometimes with the sun shining through the clouds so I suppose it made sense. I’m always

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