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Life lately

So you might have noticed that it’s been a while since I blogged. My offline world has been pretty busy this half-year so my online life had to take a back seat. I always planned on returning here though – and I kept my promise!

Since I don’t won’t to bore you with the details, I’ll just give give you snippets about what’s been happening in the last 6 months.

  • Firstly, and most importantly, I handed in my last assignment for my masters degree. Providing that I pass the assignment, I’ll be able to graduate end of July. This is what’s been taking up most of my time since I had to do a whole research project (including getting ethics approval, data analysis, report writing, and presenting my results in an oral presentation) within the span of one semester. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the process. It helped that my supervisor was really nice and helpful. I’ll probably write a whole separate post about the research and my findings later, since I found it interesting.
  • I started a new job! Even though the location is much closer to my home than before, they’re working 24hours so my shifts have been changing constantly. The change in shifts have been hard, and I prioritise hanging out with my family during the weekends  and in my free time than spending it online. It’s also a big company and it taken a little time to adjust. The culture is way different than it was at my previous, small company.

Those are really big things that have happened to me. They have swallowed my time for the last six months.

I have been keeping up with the blogs I follow, although I still have to return some comments. And I have exciting things for the future planned. I’m currently thinking of a way to combine my two passions together (public health and web design) and I have a half-baked idea in the works. Of course I’ll keep you guys updated!

As a finishing my degree present, I’ve ordered myself a graphics tablet to practice my photoshopping skills. Although I’m not artistic by any means, I want to try and make my own graphics for the designs I make. The learning curve will not be kind but I’m excited for the challenge. If anyone could point me in the direction of some online graphic design courses, that’d be great!

As always, I’ll be updating this blog whenever I get the chance, which hopefully means regularly. I still have to catch you guys up on the trips I went last year!



A day at Daylesford

I live on the cusp of Melbourne which means I’m close to the countryside so exploring country Victoria was always one of my list of things to do. Last weekend, we went to visit Daylesford which is around one a half hours from where I live.

We arrived at Daylesford around midday and went to have lunch straight away. We found a American style diner at the town center. It was one of my first times having a beef burger so I I’m not wholly qualified to rate the place but my friend J said it was one of the better burgers he’s had. The waffle fries we ordered to go with our burgers though couldn’t be faulted.

After lunch we popped in and out of the various other shops around the town centre. Lots of people seems to have had the same idea as us because the shops were buzzing with people. Most of the shops had local hand made things like plates, candles and pictures. I always love wandering around shops like those because everything is unique and you can tell that people have put a lot of thought, time and effort. Plus it’s nice to support artists and local products.

We went to explore Lake Daylesford afterwards as it was right near the town centre. It was quite hot the day we went so there were people who were having picnics around the lake. Interestingly though, there weren’t any people swimming, fishing or riding boats in the lake itself as I thought there might be.

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Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2017

I’m not sure how long the Tulip festival has been happening but somewhere along the way it has become a quintessential thing to do in Melbourne.

We went on the start of a long weekend- the Grand Final Parade day because we thought it wouldn’t be very crowded since the crowd would (potentially) be spread over three days. However, when we got there around 2pm, the car park was very crowded. The weather hadn’t been too bad throughout the day, a little cold but sometimes with the sun shining through the clouds so I suppose it made sense. I’m always glad that we book tickets online through because the line to buy tickets was quite long.

The staff were dressed in folk costumes from Holland complete with clogs, because, as we later found out, the couple who started this immigrated to Melbourne from Holland.

The place was very much family friendly. There was flowers, there was  live music, and there was food stalls. What more could you ask for really, for a great day out.

There was even a sculpture competition going on. Sculptures were embedded throughout the grounds from different artists. From what I could gather, there didn’t seem to be a particular theme to the sculptures but nonetheless they added to the ambience.

What I particularly liked about the festival was that they make a point of advertising and highlighting local attractions and talents. Indeed, there was a stall there with products made from alpaca wool.The lady who ran the place had even brought along some alpacas so kids can pet them!

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Thoughts on missing people

I used to not be able to cry in front of people. Even now and for whatever reason, I am only able cry in front of a handful of people. This rule though, doesn’t apply when I’m leaving Sri Lanka, or really when I go there.

I still remember my extended family waiting for us on the porch, even though it’s 2am and even though they have to go to work in the morning. I am tired from the twelve plus hours of travelling but seeing them waiting on the porch fills my heart with so much happiness and love, I cry. When the van stops, they come and open the van door, so eager to see us that they cannot wait until we come out. And when we do, I am showered with hugs and happy-crying. We’re laughing, marvelling at how much we have changed since the last time, and crying because we have changed since the last time.

Last time I was in Sri Lanka, I mused to my aunt that we only see parts of each other’s lives. Even though we’re in each others thoughts everyday, we only get to be an active participant from time to time. And even then, for a small period. Even though modern technology means that I can call them anytime, it’s nothing compared to being physically present.

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Whoop Whoop!

Hello! Welcome to my little niche of the web. This is a personal site where I’ll be documenting the various happenings from my life. I’m trying to experience and do new things and this will be a place where I can share my enjoyments and mishaps.

Small Whispers is hosted by and powered by WordPress. I made the layout myself, with lots of googling and trudging through various tutorials. That’s actually another reason why I made this website- I like web design and by making layouts for this site, I can practice my coding. I plan to learn Javascript next so I can improve my layouts- in particular, in making the layouts more user friendly.  This layout, Flower Power, is actually version 2. It took me a long time to settle on a main image for the header until I finally found a high quality picture that I liked. And best of all, it was free! I picked out a couple of the colours from the image to style the rest. I think it turned out pretty okay. Obviously, there’s things I to improve on, and I’m planning to tweak things a little, depending on how it looks. But overall, I really like how it looks, even on the small screens.

For now, there’s only one page but hopefully as time passes and I’ve racked up a few more posts, I’m hoping to add a archives page as well.


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